Talenter™ Academy


Talenting™ Professionalism


The world has changed and we now live in a time of knowledge. The business environment has been reinventing itself and it is in this rapidly changing environment that the concept of lifelong learning is needed, as an essential to further strengthen competitiveness.

The current environment requires more than knowledge, talent and skills, and above all, development strategies that allow people to show it.

In an increasingly demanding market, continuous learning is a factor for career success and it was with this evolving spirit that we created Talenter™ Academy, a conceptual space that aims at developing talents, promoting employability of course participants and the improved performance of client companies.

We are accredited by DGERT and we develop certified training courses, bringing together the expectations of companies with the needs of employees in acquiring new skills.

Certified by DGERT in several training and educational áreas, we develop certified training courses, that conciliate organizational expectations with the candidates’ need to develop new skills.

Certified Training and Educational Areas:

• 090 – Personal Development
• 146 – Training of teachers and trainers of technological areas
• 222 – Foreign Languages
• 341 – Trading
• 346 – Administrative Work
• 723 – Nursing
• 811 – Hospitality
• 862 – Health and Safety at Work

Determined to offer a service tailored to different needs, Talenter™ Academy structures its business in two ways: Talenting™ You (for candidates) and Talenting™ Your Company (for organizational clients).


Talenting™ You

By taking an active role in the training of our professionals, we share with our clients qualified and experienced employees, continuously recycling their knowledge.

Talenting™ Your Company

In parallel, we also designed a set of customized solutions, adapted to the specific reality of each client, responding to their specific training purposes.